About Me

I provide bespoke fitness training services to corporate and private clients, business and sporting organisations. I also have a variety of regular group sessions  I can supply training at your premises, at home, in the office, a sports centre or on the sports field. I bring the required exercise equipment, together with all the necessary experience and motivation, to ensure you receive a fitness training service that is second to none. I am a Qualified Personal Trainer, and Advanced Fitness Instructor for adults and children, including those at higher risk from exercise. I am a Level 4 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS), I have Coachmark, I'm an Associate member of the British Nutrition Foundation. I have valid CRB and up to date First Aid certificates.

Whats Your Goal?

Lifestyle change? To become fitter? Tone up?

Weight loss? This is the most common goal I encounter and one I set for myself after the birth of my children. After trying every fad diet going and feeling so frustrated that non had worked and not really knowing why. I finally lost 3 stone and 3 dress sizes, gained loads of energy and became a healthy weight which has stayed off, following a structured nutrition and exercise program. 

Don't delay - get in touch today!

I believe exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet is the key for long term success, rather than loosing weight through diet alone, especially when it is done too quickly or through a very restrictive diet. This can be achieved by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle. ‚Äč

Remember: Rapid weight loss is predominantly due to loss of water and muscle tissue rather than fat! Eating very restrictive or low calorie diets can unfortunately slow down our metabolism and consequently the number of calories we burn in a day. Therefore some people will put weight back on and maybe even more, when they return to their normal eating patterns.

Burning fat through exercise in combination with eating a healthy well balanced diet is the key to healthy weight loss. By exercising and improving our fitness levels, we become better fat burners and ultimately we will start to loose weight. 

You are here because you have decided to make a change, that's fantastic. I can help you reach your goals and achieve safe and effective weight loss.

together we can make it happen x