Coaching, Plans and Advice

DIET and EXERCISE are a partnership. I am an Associate member of the British Nutrition Foundation. I can look at your current diet identify problem areas, and give you some easy information for you to follow. These will help you think about what you eat and drink differently, choose healthier alternatives and help you achieve your goals.

NO silly fad diets, NO restrictive low calorie diets, NO fasting

I can even help you create your own healthier home cooked meals if required.


Personal Training, Freelance Cover, Corporate Exercise, GP Referral, Ante & Postnatal Exercise & Group Exercise for adults, kids & families

1:1 training




pre/post natal

1:1 Personal Training

Need a little extra help and motivation to get to your goal?

Bespoke local training to suit your needs, long & Short term programs available

*free body-mass measurements and photographs,

*free exercise plan, nutrition advice & mobile support,

ask me for more details, and check out my new fully inclusive 8 week plan - limited spaces available

*for 8wk plan clients only

Childcare a problem? I can come to you and arrange your sessions around your little one


A 45min bespoke small group Exercise and Nutrition program lasting 4 weeks for upto 4 people. Fat burning and Toning. Ideal for brides & bridesmaids, Mr&Mrs,

work colleagues, friends, & those with childcare problems etc

free measurements & photographs 

free nutritional information and advice

Are you spending a fortune at your local slimming group and not getting the results?

Now's the time for a change...ask me for more details on this fantastic plan.

  A 30 min high intensity interval training class (HiiT) that combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata training techniques to set your metabolism on fire! This class is challenging for all fitness levels and is designed to obliterate calories and create a lean powerful body. 

ask me how I could do a session in your workplace

Corporate Exercise

Do you have space for an exercise session at work?

Lunchtime, Before/After work sessions available. Exercise can help reduce stress, improve staff morale and attendance.

.. ...a happier work force is a more productive workforce.


An all over body group circuit session, combining cardiovascular exercise with resistance work. No complex choreography, for men and women of all abilities, to help strengthen and tone the body, develop the cardio-vascular system, and improve balance, 

co-ordination and flexibility.

ask me how I could do a session in your workplace


A low intensity exercise session with no complex choreography, for both men and women. Stay active, meet new friends & have fun!  Local venues, ideal for retired people or those who are new to exercise, come along & you will leave feeling fantastic!

ask me where there is a class near you.

AQUAHiiT® could be exercising in a private pool hired exclusively for my courses..

An all over body blitzing group workout in the pool for all abilities, involving intervals of cardio, plyometrics, strength, power and speed. To strengthen and tone the body, develop the cardio-vascular system, and improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Whether your are recovering from an injury or just want a new challenge my AQUA sessions are for you.

ask me how I could do an exclusive session for you and your group, club or workmates

Studio Cycling

You could burn up to 1000 calories in just one session  

An exhilarating high calorie burning workout session for men and women of all abilities, performed on a static aerobic bike to help strengthen and tone the body, develop the cardio-vascular system, and improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility)

ask me about 1:1 spinning, freelance instruction, or group availability near you. Got the bikes? Get me in!


exercise before and after the birth of your little one..  

As an ante & postnatal specialist I have a variety of sessions for you to choose from Aquanatal, Mums, Legs, Bums & Tums, Buggy Boot-camps, Prambles, 

Aqua-mamas & 1:1 PT sessions.

I can help you maintain your fitness levels during pregnancy, which will prepare your body for childbirth and help you recover quicker after the birth of your baby. No childcare? No problem, exercise with your little-one 

Pregnant? Just had a baby? ask me about courses near you,

Clubs & CA's? ask be about freelance instruction for your club.



a fun filled session of aerobic activities and exercise/nutrition education for little people and their families.

Available at a school or club near you!

certificates - prizes - fun activities

ask me how I could come to your school, fully CRB checked.

Great for before & after school or holiday clubs...

Healthy children are more likely to be more effective learners. Mini Movers can help increase childrens attendance, improve behaviour, increase confidence, increase sense of belonging, raise aspirations, develop life / employability skills, support cross-curricular learning, increase knowledge of healthy lifestyles and create wider support for learning. Sport is also a powerful way to develop pupils’ wider skills, qualities and aspirations as participants, leaders and organisers, which improve the overall school environment. 

Are your kids getting the recommended daily minimum of

60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity?  


Some comments from my latest Mini-Movers+ group:

"It was a really nice way to exercise with fun" A.G. - South Shields

"Excellent!" B.B. - South Shields

"Brilliant" N.A. - South Shields

" We both really enjoyed it" M.R. - South Shields

"We really enjoyed ourselves" N.H. - South Shields

More recent client comments:

 II believe the ante/post-natal fitness classes helped me to have a healthy pregnancy and post-nataly has helped me improve my mental wellbeing through support and social opportunity to workout with my little girl present. I can't praise these enough. The social benefits have been huge, and with out these sessions I would have felt very isolated and unable to regain my confidence and fitness." RT - South Shields

"I njoyed all of it, Linda's a great trainer - I highly recommend her." CC - East Boldon

" ILindas the best" LO - South Shields 

"II will miss our sessions" B.S. - Newcastle

Warning: Before beginning any new exercise, it is advisable to consult your GP to determine if you have any physical or health condition that could cause a risk to your health and safety

*minimum number apply